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About Me

Providing Hope, Peace, and a Fresh Start, One Client at a Time

Hi, my name is Erica Wilson, M.Ed., LPC., NCC. Owner and therapist at The Olive Branch Counseling Center.

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to be a "helper" of some kind.  I have a true passion to create a career that will make a difference in people’s lives. This interest led me to study Human Development and Family Studies for my bachelors degree at The University of Alabama and Counseling at The University of Montevallo for my masters degree. As a licensed therapist in the Shelby County area, I am committed to the well-being of all my clients and go above and beyond to cater to their needs.

I truly care for all of my clients, and work diligently to help them find the answers they seek alongside their parent(s). Since 2014, I have worked with a variety of clients dealing with circumstances that are unique to their lives.

My Professional Background

What Makes Me Stand Out

2013 - 2014

Trauma/Adoption Counselor

For a little over one year, I worked with children who had been adopted, in foster care or who were about to be in the system for independent living. I also had the chance to work with the families during this life transition. I have also worked with children and adolescents that had been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused. I helped them "find their way" out of the dark times of their life through counseling and therapeutic treatment.

2015 - 2022

Middle School Counselor

As a Middle School Counselor, I had the honor of working with students from 11-14 years old every single day. We worked on a variety of things from stress and anxiety to family struggles at home. I also had the privilege to walk through life with my students along with their parents in a very unique way.


Mental Health Therapist

Every other weekend I have the privilege to serve our children, adolescent and young adult population as a Mental Health Therapist at Children's Hospital in the Emergency Department. I help with doing psychological evaluations alongside a great team of people to make sure our patients are receiving the best care possible.

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